Canada Trip Day 6: Uneventful but relaxing

I feel like we’ve been going at a slower pace than we normally do on our trips… Maybe we are? In any case, yesterday morning we slept in and took our time getting out the door, and then instead of taking the metro, we opted to walk down to McGill University to check out the Redpath Museum, a small, free museum of random natural history things that the university has collected over the years.

I really dig old collections like this — sometimes you find more interesting (and unexpected) things than you might at a larger museum.


The main gallery of the museum. It was larger than this, but not by much — all in all, it took us about 90 minutes to walk through.


From the US, a Carolina Parakeet, an extinct species that used to live in the southeastern US. According to the tag, the Redpath Museum acquired this specimen before they became extinct. The only other place I think I’ve seen one of these was in the Smithsonian Natural History museum… maybe in the London one? I can’t remember.


From California, my favorite rock!! I was really surprised they had this, actually, and also, while it’s a smaller sample than the Royal Ontario Museum, it’s (in my opinion) a more pretty sample.


From Egypt, a mummy…


And from Winnipeg, a smart alec (who left the circled comment in the museum’s guest book.)


Obligatory mealtime shot. I swear I’m having a good trip with these two — they’re really a ton of fun, mealtime pictures notwithstanding. :-)


Nice car!!