Canada Trip Day 5: Europe-lite

Yesterday we spent wandering around the city of Montreal — lots and lots of walking. John and I have decided that it’s similar to being in Europe, but that there are some things that remind us very much that we’re in North America. All in all, it’s been a fun city to wander. :-)

Obligatory breakfast shot in the main (downstairs) kitchen of our hostel.


I have to say, I am REALLY digging this hostel. Essentially, we’re sharing an apartment with one other couple (also late 20s/early 30s.) They have one bedroom, we have the other. So far we’ve more or less had the place to ourselves. It’s inexpensive, clean, quiet, and relaxing. And someone comes to clean the bathroom every day. What more can I ask for? Seriously, best hostel I’ve ever stayed in. Only thing that would make it better would be double beds instead of singles, but oh well. :-)


One random thing I saw fairly frequently in Europe but don’t ever remember seeing in the US (or at least in CA) was construction netting over the fronts of buildings that was painted to look like the building’s facade. I really like that!


I may have inadvertently run one of these. Not because I didn’t know what it said, though — I just didn’t see it. :-p


Matt sporting his homemade shirt next to its movie poster. :-)


We went to Notre Dame Basilica for the tour and to see what there was to see. It was incredible.


Mark Twain once said about Montreal, “This is the first time I was ever in a city where you couldn’t throw a brick without breaking a church window.” Double-negative aside, I thought it was funny. :-)


Snack of waffles and handmade ice cream. OMG GOOD.


The Palais des congrès de Montréal, or Montreal Convention Center, has these amazing windows — I could have played with my camera for half a day there, just capturing the light and color and shadows of people walking. So beautiful.


Montreal has an underground network of tunnels and shops that connect many of its downtown buildings, called the RESO. We decided to check them out, and, most likely because it was a gorgeous summer day outside, they were pretty empty. Kind of spooky!! Although I can see how it’d be nice in the wintertime to not have to go outside. Anyway, the walls in one of the tunnels were very reflective, and I got this shot of the guys. Reflections = FUN. :-)


After wandering all day, we went back to the hostel and crashed, then I made dinner and we hung out and watched a movie. Low-key and fun. :-)