Florida Trip Day 4: July 10 on 10, southern edition

So I fell asleep writing this post… ok, I fell asleep thinking of a title for this post. Whoops. Anyway, this by necessity is now ten pictures thrown together with little context, but I will say that (a) they’re non-consecutive, and (b) it was a lovely, slow day where we went to the beach and hung out with friends. Good times. :-)

Woke up, ate waffles. The jukebox at Waffle House plays waffle-themed music. Win.


This stuff hangs from the trees and is pretty cool-looking.


No helmet law. Toto, we're not in California anymore. Oh, and the dude on the first motorcycle was wearing a shirt with a Confederate flag.


Cocoa Beach. AWWWW YEAH.


Can I just move here? Please?


This is a panorama. Click it once or twice to get the full-sized version. :-)


After-beach treat: wild berry Frosty shake at Wendy's. Om nom nom nom.


Still in Cocoa Beach. I don't know why we found this hilarious, but we did.


Driving back home.


Dinner and hanging out until really, really late. Technically it wasn't even the 10th anymore by the time I got home, but we'll never tell, right?


Another awesome day — time to go home and back to reality now. Sigh. :-)



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  1. Jim Christensen

    Did you notice in all of the coverage about the three siblings from Florida that robbed the bank and ended up in Colorado that the sister worked at a certain establishment that you photographed here, and no it wasn't the waffle house.

    Aug 20, 2011 @ 11:30 pm