The Lady of the Tree

For the second time in a bit over a week, I’ve managed to leave my camera somewhere. I’m not sure how I’ve managed this… fatigue? Distraction? Really early-onset dementia? Both times, I’ve realized this when I pull up in front of my apartment and reach over to get my backpack off of the passenger’s side floor, and I realize it’s not there, and where it is, I won’t be able to get it until Tuesday. Whoops. Sigh.

At least this time my laptop wasn’t in my backpack, so I decided to go back to my file of pictures I haven’t post-processed yet. Before I tackled my pictures from my trip this past summer (which I know are only going to make me want to travel again this summer) I went back to last May, when, between a family reunion and going back home, I met up with Joel! and his sister and stopped by the Folklife Music Festival at the Seattle Center before they took me to the airport and Joel! kept my truck.

Now, I have a few more pictures from this, which I’ll post tomorrow, but this one ended up being one of my favorites, and I found a nifty piece of Javascript I wanted to play with and thought this picture was the perfect excuse.

So, in the picture below, what you see right now is the final version of the picture. Move the mouse over it, and when it changes, what you see is what it looked like SOOC (straight off the camera.)

Move the mouse over this picture to watch it change.

As you can see, I brightened it up quite a bit, changed the color tint a little to bring in more red, got rid of the guy wires in the tree, and, most importantly, got rid of the Justin Bieber dude and the headless girl. Adobe Photoshop CS5 + Content Aware Fill made removing both people take less than a minute total. SO much love for Content Aware Fill. OMG.

I don’t usually Photoshop/process pictures to this extent. I don’t generally like things over-processed, and frankly, I don’t have the time. Once I get a picture out of my RAW editor (Canon’s Digital Photo Pro — yes I know I need to switch to Adobe Lightroom!) and into Photoshop, it’s too easy to spend 30 minutes or more on a single picture. So generally my image correction is limited to white balance, contrast, saturation, and since I got my new camera, fixing the slight crookedness that seems to be a constant problem. I don’t know why I have a hard time holding my new camera straight — the weight? But it seems like everything’s the slightest bit crooked. Whoops. :-p

I love how this picture came out. I love how I caught her looking right at the camera — I have a couple other frames where she was starting to turn her head my direction, and then somehow she looked right at me just as I snapped this one. Love it.

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  1. Joel!

    I want to know how that Content Aware Fill works!!!

    Jan 17, 2011 @ 6:46 am

  2. Kimberly


    Jan 17, 2011 @ 10:56 am