I’m hoping this is my last post for a while of old pictures, and that beginning next Monday, I’ll have my laptop back and be able to get some new material up. (HINT HINT, Josh!) In any case, this is another one from 2008 — July 2008, this time.


You know how sometimes despite your best ineptitude, something manages to go right, and how amazed you are by the results? And then you go and try to duplicate it, and can’t ever get it exactly how you had it?

That’s pretty much what happened with me and this shot. I’d had this camera, my first DSLR, for exactly two weeks, and I still wasn’t sure what everything did. But I was shooting in aperture value mode because I liked the control it gave me (and the control it took! just about all of my shooting now is in AV) and in RAW because I knew that I’d be able to more easily fix mistakes in post-processing, so that was good at least. Anyway, I had these two Gerbera daisies in that little stand vase that’s in the picture, and they were sitting on my “coffee table” (in quotes because it was an old foot locker that my sister got for $5 on clearance at Target and gave to me–I used it as a coffee table because I lived in a teensy, 500-square-foot apartment and that was pretty much all I had room for) and the sun was coming in through my front window and hitting them just right, so I decided to take a picture of them.

I’m still not sure how it came out as good as it did. I KNOW I didn’t consciously set the aperture at f/10,  because back then, I had no real concept of what that meant.

But somehow this worked, and I love it. :-)

Two red gerbera daisies

Sunlight and daisies.

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  1. John

    That pesky beginner's luck. :)

    Nov 19, 2010 @ 11:16 pm