No parking

This is actually a recycled picture.  While I can’t remember if I’ve run it on this blog before, it’s one that I took about a year and a half ago of a sign on an old garage in an alley a few blocks from my old house. Why the recycle? Because it’s the first picture I’ve sold on Etsy! Go me!!

So yeah, I have an Etsy store here. Prices are listed, but if there’s one of my pics that you don’t see there but that you like and would like a print of, email me (contact info is at the top of this page) or leave me a comment here, and we’ll figure something out. :-) Christmas is coming folks — pictures make great gifts!! :-) I also take commissions, if there’s something specific you’d like me to take a picture of.

Anyway, enough of a sales pitch — here’s that picture. Not one I would have expected to be the first to sell, but actually one of my favorites — I have it printed and on my wall at work. :-)

No parking sign on an old garage

I want to know when the last time was that this garage was painted. Seriously.